Learning how to declutter a life, stay conscious, stick to the natural and be happy. Sending snail mail, collecting books, growing organic and buying secondhand. Being silly, being serious, and being myself. I am me, I am free.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Too many photographs...

Ive had about 600 photos spread out on my dining room floor for a week, organised and lined up like patchwork pieces. They do feel like a paper patchwork of our last few years together, a tactile collage of memories. But they are giving me a bit of a headache, this need to record every little thing we've done together rather than just savouring the best bits in my memory. Its the nostalgic hoarder in me I guess, I have fond memories of looking back through my own childhood photos over the years. Still, they are here and I feel a weight lift slightly off my shoulders today as I am pretty much organised up to the start of 2014.  

In the process of putting these albums together I have been reminded that we have been so very blessed over the years to spend so many of our days out in the fresh country air. Just me and my boy, enjoying simple pleasures and sunlight and smiles. I never forget that life can be so simple and uncomplicated, despite often complicating things all on my own. Man is the only creation which fails to follow its natural path, but bluebell woods and beaches, hills and reservoirs, woods and butterflies, all remind me that I am trying, and i'l keep trying. 

I must also state, from experience, keeping up to date with your photo printing is absolutely essential, otherwise you have the hugest task on your hands! And one more thing... put down the camera, enjoy the moment, say cheese and smile :-)

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Book list 2015...

I've had a small collection of nature journals and diaries for a few years now, adding and detracting some from the shelf every so often, but never really managed more than a snippet here and there whilst sitting with a mug of tea and lifting my face to share a lingering gaze through the patio doors and into the garden. But in December I gathered them all together, put a couple aside for the charity shop and carried the rest upstairs to rest beside my side of the bed. These are the books I want to read throughout our seasonal year, to inspire me with my own seasonal diaries which I often share here. I may add more as I find them or take some away if they bore. 

Alongside these journals are a few extra books which should fit nicely into my year of reading. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin is my current favorite, she has separated her goals into month's of the year and is working through them one by one or side by side, much like I am hoping to do this year. Two highly regarded books about Sugar shall be saved for the second half of the year if my current diet is anything to go by (one week without hardly any sugar, no sweets or chocolate and only the smallest dessert, whoop whoop, alhamdulillah!). I had added these to the list to force me off my twice / thrice a day chocolate and biscuit habit but at the moment the habit is 100% gone and not missed! I have surprised myself with that one! And there on the end are two editions of the classic gardening journal which I bought at auction a while back.

I will add some other books at some point I think, maybe Love, Nina or The Shock of the Fall. Gosh I have so many books on my shelves to sink into. What books are you hoping to hold this year?

Book List 2015

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A new year, an improved life...

Last year I spent a lot of time pondering, reflecting, planning and lingering, knowing that change was coming and my whole mindset was on the move. I blogged sporadically and left my camera in the bureau, using my phone to capture things in the moment, living each day right there and then. 

I contemplated life and where I was at with it all in this post mid year, it pretty much sums up how I'm starting this new year, 2015. Things will change this year (with the will of God of course), I really feel it in my heart and soul. I have life changing plans to weave into my days; changes in my health, my home, my relationships and in my very core. I feel totally ready to improve on as many aspects as possible, this is no act of New Years tokenism.

Have you thought about your own goals for this new year? Some of mine require lots of spiritual and mental effort whilst others need me to get off my metaphorical butt and work on the physical clutter in my life. My health is number one. I am moving to a PCOS friendly diet which I know is necessary for me, but having never managed to stick to a diet I am conscious that its going to be difficult. I'l describe the diet more in another post soon. Also, more water and more sleep are very high on my list of priorities.

My faith has dipped in areas and I'm keen to improve on that, but feel the need to take small steps towards improved God consciousness rather than a giant leap which may knock me unconscious and i'l be further away than I am now.   I need to rediscover my discipline when it comes to living chemical free, buying ethically, and consciously parenting rather than going with the flow. I failed myself in these areas somewhat last year and felt very much like a sell out. I have to strive more to seek my own acceptance and that of Gods, rather than look for praise elsewhere. In the words of David Icke "I am me, I am free" ... a mantra I have repeated to myself often in the last ten years or so.

My physical list is more concise, I think everyone has a physical to do list which avoids completion don't they? A month or so ago I found a to-do list from 2013... I was disappointed in myself to see that of around ten goals Id achieved only two. This will be the year that I attempt to declutter my mind of unrealistic to-dos and work on all of the projects and life changes which have been following me around year after year, incomplete and purposefully ignored. Well no more! Join me on this journey of freedom! Here's my physical to do list for the whole of 2015...

  1. Printing out photos from 2010 onwards and arranging them in order, in albums.
  2. Scrapbooking all of our paper mementos and memories from 2009 onwards.
  3. Organising my recipe scrapbooks so that I can meal plan better.
  4. Having a very organised veg patch and tidying up the garden and sheds for good.
  5. Making some art / craft projects which I've been planning for years but never focused on.
  6. Starting (and finishing) the many sewing projects which have been in my spare room for years.
  7. Watching lots of classic films which I have missed or avoided throughout my whole life.
  8. Reading all of my books which follow a year of life throughout the seasons - nature journals, gardening guides etc - spread out throughout my own seasonal year.

I will be writing about it all too, both here and in private, with the aim of having a book ready some time next year. A little like The Happiness Project. I have written my first children's book (with four more ideas sketched out to be written throughout the year) and will be looking for an agent by the time this month is done insha'Allah. This has to be the year I become a published writer insha'Allah, I know it is what I want to do with my short time here in this world, before I move on to the next. 

All while trying to remain sane, silly, happy, light-hearted, and whole. I may lose these qualities whilst being dairy free and restricting my bread intake though.... oh dear.... what have I done?